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Lovely Slovenske Konjice... Lovely Slovenske Konjice... Photo: Vitoslav Jerman

Town Centre

Stari trg (Old Square): The most beautiful experiences are offered on walks through the old town centre, which is divided between Old Square and Town Square. Old Square lies under the shelter of the Church of St George, and has maintained its appearance from the time it was first mentioned in written sources. A brook with many names, including Ribnica (fishing rod), Gospodična (Miss), and Zmajeva slina (Dragon's slobber) gives the town a special magnificence and divides it straight down the middle. Frescos on market houses No. 2 and 38 as well as the plague monument above the brook of St. Florian with statues of four saints (a masterpiece from the 18th Century by Franc Zamlik – a sculptor from Slovenske Konjice) are a reminder of the many fires in Slovenske Konjice. Old Square also boasted a stop, called Reganda, used for harnessing travellers’ horses. Konjice as it was originally known - Slovenske was only added in 1934 - was a roadside settlement with a lot of traffic and a bustling market. After the last fire, the buildings were rebuilt using stone from Žiče Charterhouse, and this building work gives the old town its present-day character. The recent renovation of Old Square, along with the town park and market, was done primarily using the autochthon tonalite stone from Pohorje, which gives the town a touch of modernity. It is through such undertaking that Slovenske Konjice is becoming a modern urban centre, a junction of inhabitants of all generations, and an attractive tourist destination.

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