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Dobrodošli v ZLATE Slovenske Konjice Dobrodošli v ZLATE Slovenske Konjice Littera, Borut Brumec

Welcome to Golden Slovenske Konjice

Sunday, June 29, 2014, will remain enshrined in written sources and in our memories as a very special day. Visit of the International Commission Entente Florale Europe is something special in every town or village. In Konjice it was even more special, because we hosted the commission for the second time after 16 years. And the result was again brilliantly golden. At the closing ceremony in the city Százhalombatta in Hungary it was fantastic to be from golden Slovenske Konjice ...

Many generations before us have realized that our places are extremely beautiful. Here they wanted to live, work, create and they were loyal to the beauties of the Dravinja Valley. I believe that we also feel the same way and that we will be able to transmit the love and respect for the enfironment to future generations. In recent years, we have managed to achieve some very important projects that significantly affect the quality of life. My perennial desire was that we present all these achievements to others, and of course to our people. The best method to carry out promotion is to let those strict, professional judges, who may see things differently than we ourselves, decide whether our path was correct or not. We have shown and proven to the Commission that we do care about our environment and take good care of it, that we keep our town tidy and enable education for young people to act environmentally responsible in the futures. It is also very important to take care of people who need a little more attention, so that most people feel good among other residents of the town. Happy, satisfied and proud locals with positive energy attract and inspire visitors from other places.

By winning the golden Entente Florale award, Slovenske Konjice again have written their history with golden letters. The criteria which we had to meet in order to achieve a golden award were extremely high. I believe that we will continue to work on such a high level in order to maintain the quality of living culture in the city of flowers and wine.

Miran Gorinšek Mayor

The golden plate is installed on the Entente Florale Monument (by the Fountain for Two Birds) since November 8, 2014, where it had joined the first plate, which Slovenske Konjice received in 1998. At that time we were the first municipality in Slovenia, which participated in this prestigious competition and, besides Slovenske Konjice, the bronze award in the category of villages also went to our village Žiče. After 16 years, the town of Slovenske Konjice has again successfully seen its reflection in the mirror of tidines, which flashed the image of the city that offers high quality of life to its locals and  unforgettable experiences to its visitors. Welcome to GOLDEN Slovenske Konjice.

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Welcome to Golden Slovenske Konjice
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