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Trebnik Mansion

The manor house at the bottom of Konjice old castle was succeeded by Trebnik Mansion, which has had a long and illustrious history. It was first mentioned in 1362, when it was included as part of the dowery of Neža von Freudenberg from Zreče when she
married Henrik Auer. Afterwards the mansion was owned by the Counts of Tattenbach, and later the Žiče Cartusians, the Religion Fund and the Princes of Windischgrätz who owned the mansion until the end of World War II. During the 1980s the mansion was used as a pensioners’ home, and today it is owned by the Slovenske Konjice municipality, which has restored the building and restarted its herbal tradition.


Wicker Basket-Making

The Kalšek Tourist Farm in Žiče village is known for its unique craft of wickerwork. If you would like to buy different types of baskets, or weaved bottles made of willow rods with white wicker, this is the right destination for you. They have received many awards, been included in the prestigious book “Mojstrovine Slovenije” and been given a certificate of “Cottage industry product”. In addition to seeing and trying to do wickerwork themselves, groups of visitors (up to 50 people) are invited to taste several types of home-made wine, different brandies and homemade snacks.


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