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The Green Apartment Zreče The Green Apartment Zreče Photo:

The Green Apartments

The Green Apartment Zreče

We are located in the calm Loška Gora village, in the direct vicinity of the Hotel Pod Roglo. So if you are looking for active vacations, we offer you excellent starting points for experiences in nature.

You may also visit Ošlak’s Forge, dating back to 1770, which is a rare reminder of the blacksmiths’ craft. The forge mechanism is powered by two water wheels; the main room of the building houses a blacksmith’s workshop and the smaller one a storage room for materials and products. There are interesting water-powered devices inside such as the sledgehammer and the grinding wheel. A live presentation of this sledgehammer is also possible.

The Green Apartment Rogla

The Green Apartment at Rogla was completely renovated and refurnished in 2011 and is thus suitable for both families and couples. It is located in the direct vicinity of the hotel on Rogla and the slopes.

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